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Roof Repair Melbourne Service
Damaged or Leaking Roof?

Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration are the experts in repairing all types of roof damage providing specialist Roof Repair Melbourne Services to the Melbourne Metropolitan and regional area.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! If you have an issue with your roof, you need to take immediate action before the problem becomes worse, as costs of repair can blow out. Acting early is imperative to help avoid more serious or extensive damage to your roof in the long run.

Issues which can affect your roof  and lead to the need for repairs:

Ongoing roofing repairs and roof maintenance are imperative in Melbourne.  The harsh weather along with the strong wind and rain takes its toll over time and leads to deterioration of cement, terracotta and tin roofs alike.

By being proactive and contacting Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration, we can inspect your roof and identify any issues or potential problems and provide you with a FREE roof inspection report and free roof quote.

As roof repair specialists in Melbourne, we recommend that an inspection of your roof should occur approximately every 10 years to ensure regular upkeep and the avoidance of major problems.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency roof repairs may be required after severe weather because leakage can often occur.  If leaks happen, we recommend you protect the interior of your home and where possible remove excess water and check drains and gutters for blockages.

If the problem continues, Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration can inspect the roof and locate the source of the leak and perform emergency roof repairs.

It is generally not advisable though to do roof repairs until after the severe weather has ceased due to danger of high winds and lightning. In the event of an emergency affecting your roof during severe weather conditions, we recommend you contact the Victorian State Emergency Services (SES) in the first instance.

Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration care as much about your roof as you do. You can rely on our roofing experts for a Tailored Roofing Solution based on your individual requirements. Quality Roof Restorations are essential for keeping the roof over your head and to extend its life.

Ask us about our trademark 7 step roof restoration process, exclusive to Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration.

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