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Gutter Cleaning Melbourne

Ensuring your gutters are clear and clean is an important part of weatherproofing your home. Gutters play a vital role by protecting the outer layer of the property and its foundations. When gutters become clogged, they are unable to perform their intended function, and water often overflows from the edges. Gutter problems can result in water damage to your property, as well as other serious issues. Some of the problems Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration has seen in unkempt gutters include:

  • Gutters can become heavy due to extra weight from dirt, leaves and debris, which can result in guttering pulling away from fascias or completely falling off the building.
  • Leaking gutters and problems with water overflowing from gutters can result in water running down the walls of the home causing dampness and mould.
  • Poor gutter maintenance can result in gutter rotting and the need to replace gutters more frequently, which can be a costly exercise.

Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration can provide gutter cleaning services including cleaning and removal, as well as application of gutter covers such as gutter guard.  Our contractors will also carry out minor repairs or replace gutters if required. Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration provides FREE Gutter Cleaning with every Roof Cleaning or Roof Restoration contract. Regular roof repair and maintenance is the key to keeping a roof over your head. Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration will provide expert advice, and tailor a solution customised to your specific requirements. We care about the condition of your roof as much as you do.

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