CEMENT ROOF RESTORATION Posted on January 12, 2013, by
Cement Roof Restoration Services Melbourne.

There are many reasons people initially choose concrete roof tiles. They are:

  • long lasting
  • available in a range of colours
  • suitable for coastal areas
  • promote comfort indoors
  • fire resistant

However, cement tiles roofs need regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure issues such as cracked tiles, loss of colour, broken or fallen mortar, tile movement or shifting and problems with drainage and water flow are kept to a minimum.  Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration can undertake the roof repairs or roof restoration required to ensure your home looks fresh and is leak free for years to come.

The steps involved in the Repair and Restoration of a Cement roof include:


Regardless of your Roof composition and structure, Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration will customise a solution to meet your specific requirements. Learn more about our Roof Repair, Roof Cleaning and Roof Restoration Services. Find out about our trademark 7 step Roof Restoration Process, exclusive to Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration, guaranteed to ‘Extend the Life of your Roof’.

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