Terracotta tile roof demoss and clean Toorak

Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration (MRCR) was commissioned to demoss and clean the terracotta tile roof of this pool house located at the rear of a leafy Toorak property. Whilst a leafy garden setting is aesthetically very appealing, it can be tough on your property’s roof. Falling foliage such as leaves and branches lead to blocked gutters and drains, and make your roof more susceptible to dirt and grime build up. The cleaning process involves the use of high pressure equipment to remove the built up moss, dirt, debris and grime and return the roof to original condition. Finally a fresh coat of glaze is applied to seal the tiles for protection from the elements.   ________________________________________________________________________


Why are terracotta tiles so susceptible to dirt and moss?

Terracotta roof tiles are composed of a clay based ceramic, which is a natural substance. Extreme weather conditions causes the protective glaze surface to become worn over time. This results in exposing the tiles and encourages growth of living organisms such as moss and lichen and the subsequent build up of dirt and grime.


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Other than for aesthetic reasons, what are the benefits of maintaining a terracotta tiled roof?

Moss and lichen produce acidic waste matter which chemically decomposes the tiles, making them porous. Over time the tiles become spongey and absorbent, leading to more serious issues such as cracking and leakage. Costs of repairs will escalate significantly, so by investing in regular maintenance and having your tiles cleaned regularly you can save significantly in the long run.

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