Clean Colorbond Roof Kangaroo Ground

P2_Kangaroo Ground_PortraitMelbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration (MRCR) was commissioned to clean the colorbond roof of this property located in Kangaroo Ground. The process involves the use of high pressure equipment to remove the built up dirt debris and grime and return the roof to original condition.






This was a particularly challenging assignment due to the steep inclination of the roof. MRCR roofing specialists are experts in dealing with all types of roof, including composition and incline. Whether your roof is terracotta tiles, colorbond metal or cement tiles, our roofing specialists have the in depth knowledge of the specific requirements for every roof material.

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Does your property’s roof have an unusually steep incline? You can rest assured that MRCR roof consultants are experienced in dealing with roofs of varying incline. We take the necessary precautions to ensure safety, including the use of safety harnesses where required. And to ensure your peace of mind, our company also has the mandatory licences, accreditation, certification and insurance cover to operate in the state of Victoria.

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